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CPD Staff Page

Martin Toohill


Dr. Toohill obtained his Ph.D. in Professional-Scientific Psychology (Clinical emphasis) and Research and Evaluation Methodology at USU in 1994.  During that time, he trained two years at the Center for Persons with Disabilities under Dr. Phyllis Cole, who was then the director of Clinical Services at the CPD.

Dr. Toohill pursued his career in Virginia working in a community mental health program and opening his own private practice.  He returned to Cache Valley in 2004 and began working for the Cache County Study on Memory, Health and Aging as a neuropsychologist.  In 2008, he became a primary therapist for the Adult facility at the Avalon Hills Eating Disorder Treatment Center located in Paradise, Utah.

Dr. Toohill has worked with adults and children in both private and public settings.  He has treated a variety of clinical populations, including individuals with developmental delays, substance abuse, and eating disorders.  He has extensive psychological testing experience, evaluating children, adults, and older adults for a range of clinical conditions, including learning disorders, ADHD, personality assessments, Alzheimers and related dementia, and forensic evaluations.

As Coordinator of the Psychological Services unit, Dr. Toohill is involved in the clinical evaluation of children and adolescents referred to the Center by school districts, parents, and other professionals.  He also supervises USU students at the Center.