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Wenifred (Wendy) Watson Portrait

Wenifred (Wendy) Watson

ASL Interpreter Mentor

Wendy Watson is a practitioner, interpreter educator and mentorship advocate.  A practicing interpreter for over 25 years, she holds a bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language-English Interpreting from Northeastern University, as well as a Master Mentor Graduate Certificate also from Northeastern.   As Director of the Southeast Mentorship Project, Wendy co-created the Peer Mentoring Model with Laurie R. Shaffer and has led numerous workshops on the topic of peer mentorship.  The Peer Mentoring Program has run in a wide variety of settings and locations including Arizona, New York (upstate and metro), at Deaf schools and in K-12 settings.  The PMP was also run as the first tri-lingual community mentoring program in Puerto Rico.   Wendy was a lecturer in the ASL Interpreting program at Northeastern University for more than 10 years.  In addition to her work in the field of ASL-English Interpretation, Wendy is an accomplished actor in musical theatre.