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Ku Mei Kern Portrait

Ku Mei Kern


Ku Mei Butler Kern grew up with deaf parents who used American Sign Language as their primary language at home and within the deaf community.  At the age of nineteen she discovered that the job she had been doing as a child (interpreting) could become a career. She has been a professional sign language interpreter for the last twenty years, working in various situations that include K-12, college/university, medical, mental health, judicial, job training, and other community/business settings.  While interpreting, Ku Mei also managed a sign language interpreting agency in Utah/Nevada for several years before moving to Hawaii and establishing her own agency.  Along the way she has also taken the opportunity to share her love of her native language and culture by teaching at the elementary, high school, college, and community levels.  Her degrees include a Bachelor’s in Human Services Management and a Master’s in ASL Teaching.  

            Her hobbies include most anything in the outdoors - hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, rappelling and snowboarding. She also enjoys any activity in/on the water – surfing, boogie boarding, stand-up paddling, and is scuba certified. A passion of hers is to vacation to new areas and mix with the locals in order to truly discover the “flavor” of a place.  Occasionally she appears in local commercials, print ads and movies.  As partners in crime, she has an twelve-year old daughter and a cat named Howell.