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Bora Lee Portrait

Bora Lee


I am a wife and a mother of a 7 year old girl who attends Edith Bowen Laboratory School. 

Currently, I am a doctoral candidate in the Educational Leadership (Ed.D) program with a specialization in Special Education in California State University, Los Angeles. I have M.A in special education with a specialization in moderate to severe disabilities. My primary goal of research is to develop programs/systems to teach students with disabilities that will facilitate transition from school to adulthood to live and to work independently so that they have a place in our community.

In the past, I have served my community in different settings (Sunday schools, preschools, after school activities, peer mentoring, and community development centers and many more). When I started my journey in special education, I have focused on working with people with disabilities. I have volunteered and worked for a non-profit organization in Los Angeles to serve minorities of people with disabilities and their families. I have also taught undergraduate and master students who will be future special education teachers.

My name can be converted to Chinese characters (although I am Korean), and it means to spread what you have inside. It is my mission to spread my knowledge, skills, and whatever it may be to people who need me. My family has been the best supporter throughout the years and I hope to continue this journey with them.